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Bilonda Rachel Akins- Tshimanga


Since our establishment in January 2021, we’ve worked to become a top-of-the-line fitness program! We've been featured on trusted brands like, the Nike app, and Voyage Houston Magazine.


Meet Bilonda Rachel Akins-Tshimanga, our dynamic 23-year-old CEO and certified personal trainer with a deep-rooted passion for fitness. Having triumphed over her weight struggles as a former athlete, Bilonda is dedicated to empowering women through personalized fitness plans tailored to specific goals. Since 2021, Bodied By B. Rachel has been a haven for those seeking confidence and guidance in their gym endeavors. Join our vibrant community, explore tailored-Bodied workout plans, and stylish-Bodied apparel, and connect with us for any inquiries or support on your health journey

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